Friday, October 25, 2013

What is Art?

To me art is a visual representation that provokes though or emotion and blended with a great deal of skill needed to create it. It must take skill or else everyone would be “artists” which is not the case. A piece of art should make people think in a provocative way, and explore new ideas. It should make the viewer consider new ideas or spark emotions when they are observing it. In short, art is where idea meets skill.
This is a good example of art. This is art because it obviously took an immense amount of skill to create. I sure couldn’t have painted that and I’m sure most people couldn’t have either. It looks extremely realistic and the colors blend together well. Also, this portrait will force people to think. It portrays heaven and hell which some people do not believe in and they will be angered by this. Others believe in the afterlife but, obviously no one on earth knows what its like. It will get people curious or maybe spark new ideas about what the afterlife might be like. Either way looking at this work of art makes think. Studying this portrait causes an opinion to be constructed which requires an individual to think in order to create their opinion.
            Others may argue and say that this painting means nothing and doesn’t strike their emotions and cause provocative thought. I disagree. The painting could be completely unimportant to you and yet you would still at least consider the possibilities that this painting suggests, whether it’s a negative or positive view. It suggests an idea that’s hard to wrap your head around because it’s such an abstract thought. Lastly, this painting is complete opinion because no one living on earth can know what the afterlife looks like, or if there even is an afterlife. Because of that, everyone forms their own unique opinion about what’s depicted and they think about it.

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