Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Essai On Jackets

      Jackets are extremely warm. When I was a child I had a special blanket that was the warmest and softest thing ever. I had it with me whenever I was home and it kept me safe and warm in the winter time. I got it for Christmas when I was about 5 years old, it stands to be my most memorable gift ever. It was blue with white edges and I absolutely cherished it. I slept with it every night and it became a big part of my life. It was essential, just like jackets are in the winter time. I remember when I was in 7th grade I was hanging out in the basement with my good friend. It was a frigid winter day and the air was crisp. There was around 5 inches of fresh feathery snow on the ground and we had a terribly brilliant idea. My parents were gone of course, or we never would have been able to pull this off. We ran outside in the below freezing weather and rolled around in the snow like animals, wearing only our t-shirts. After the first few seconds of the most fun I’ve ever had, I really wished that I had worn a jacket. I never made that naïve mistake again; from then on I always made sure to wear my jacket. 
      Jackets aren’t just warm though, they give the wearer a sense of style. Style is judged almost strictly by the name nowadays. It’s all about having the brand names; Hollister and American Eagle, and more specifically for jackets, North Face. Everyone gets judged by what brand they are wearing, regardless of price or even looks. People are more focused on what you are wearing than your personality sometimes. The brand doesn’t matter at all in the grand scheme of things and neither does the price.
      Jackets get me through the harsh cold of winter and are very important. They are important to your winter wardrobe. They are essential and are a must-wear. A lot of times, the small important things get overlooked. That’s a big problem in today’s society. No one wants to give credit to the person or thing that makes something happen, only what or who actually does it. Hollywood actors and sports stars get all of the media and hype, but now one wants to talk about their agents or financial advisors. Even though without those people they probably wouldn’t be where they are today. A large amount of credit deservedly should go to those behind-the-scenes people. Jackets are a more important part of our lives than we suspect and are very valuable.

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